Pola bleu la fin pour le moment et comment l'acteur Robert Pattinson a perdu son intérêt pour la photo


Sur un
autre sujet
Robert Pattinson
au sujet de son
rôle du photographe
Dennis Stock
dans le film
D'Anton Corbijn:

Q: "Did it spark an interest in photography? Are you now a budding photographer or were you interested in photography before the film?"
PATTINSON: "I wasn't really interested in photography before. And then I started shooting on the same Leica that Dennis Stock had, I think it's the same one I'm using in the movie. I took about 20 rolls of film, and then got them all developed, and I was really into it before I saw the photos. I really thought that when someone tells you the fundamentals you think that it's all going to come out and be amazing. When they're not you like 'I don't understand why aren't they like genius photos?' I kind of lost interest afterwards."

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